Get Obsessed With Ivy Levan And Her Cat-Filled 'Hang Together' Video

Watch Ivy Levan's new video for "Hang Together."

Prepare to fall in love with Ivy Levan's sultry sound and, um, sultry EVERYTHING.

Looking for something to add to your "getting ready" playlist? Something that involves excellent hair and a cat? Well, we've got a 26-year-old Arkansas native we'd like to suggest: Her name is Ivy Levan, and her glossy, Motown-punk, swamp-hop sound of her "Hang Together" video is so entertaining that you might skip the "going out" part completely and just stay home and watch it on repeat.

You're probably asking yourself: "Wait... WTF is 'swamp-hop?!'" You'll understand immediately when you hear your first bad-ass blast of Ivy's gritty, Southern vocals, retro jazz melodies, and brassy beats.

But, back to the "Hang Together" video; In it, the blonde bombshell (and, hello, former model) has a dream where she's cooing over her cat, Vamp, who's mysteriously inhabited a man's body. The pair have a most excellent adventure, dancing, pillow-fighting, being astronauts in space, as one does with their cat.

Technically, Ivy dropped this playful, sultry serenade on us a couple weeks ago, but dancing cats, Daphne Guinness vibes and bratty brass beats are three things we can hang with forever.

+ Watch Ivy Levan's "Hang Together" video.

Photo credit: Elias Tahan