Ask, And Ye Shall Receive! Selena Gomez Answers Our Prayers For More Hair-Whips

We have a fever, and the only prescription is MOAR HAIR-WHIP.

There are so few free pleasures in life. Like, is there anything better than seeing Selena Gomez whip her hair with all the flawlessness of O.G. hair-whipper Ariel the Mermaid? (Besides sprucing up your “Slay-ena Go-Mazing” Pinterest board, obvs.)

The “Slow Down” singer must be a mind reader or something, because she preemptively answered our prayers with an Instagram photo, which she captioned: “Who doesn’t live for a good hair whip” Like, WHAAAAT? ARE YOU A WIZARD, SELENA? A GENIUS? A WIZARD-GENIUS? How do you know our minds better than we do?!

Or, maybe she caught on to our obsession with her dance studio hair-whipping? Of course. That must be it. Then again, we’re never not wishing for a good hair-whipping from Selena. So really, anytime she shares a moment of follicular ferocity is a moment our prayers are answered.

Which means we’ve got another request, Selz. We need more cowbell hair-whips!!!! ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR!

Photo credit: Selena Gomez’s Instagram | GIF: Imgur