3D-Printed Beings Come To Life In Cut Copy's 'We Are Explorers' Video

Watch Cut Copy's new video for "We Are Explorers." Set sail with Cut Copy's trippy new clip.

As far as we know, approximately zero pundits are debating the possibility that 3D-printed creatures will one day overtake flesh-and-blood actors as the stars of music videos. Still, Cut Copy's new video for "We Are Explorers" makes a pretty good case, and we welcome our block-like, onscreen overlords with open arms. (You know, in case they're listening...)

True, there's no shirtless Alexander Skarsgård this time around like in the Aussie dance-poppers' "Free Your Mind" clip, but the plight of these two little green folks is still totally captivating.

Directed by Masa Kawamura, Qanta Shimizu, and Aramique, "We Are Explorers" sees these synthetic stars constantly on the run, ultimately planning their escape from Earth using only the trash surrounding them.

While we're sure Alexander Skarsgård can totally built a tiny boat out of garbage and set it to sea, we wouldn't dismiss a 3D-printed invasion just yet. If you need us, we'll be watching the clip for the Free Your Mind track on repeat in an attempt to find these beings' weaknesses.

+ Watch Cut Copy's "We Are Explorers" video.

Photo credit: Loma Vista/Modular