Lady Gaga Goes Bridal, Tosses A Bouquet To Her Fans -- But Why? We Investigate!

Lady Gaga tossed the bouquet, and may or may not have married... something.

Wanna catch Gaga's bouquet? Paws up, Little Monsters.

If the "YAAAS GAGA" video has taught us anything, it's that patience is a virtue in the Little Monster realm. Case in point: A bunch of Lady Gaga's loyal fans who camped outside of her recording studio Thursday night were not only rewarded with a sighting of their idol -- they got to join in on what looks to be an impromptu wedding reception, too.

While that floor-length wig, white catsuit, and Spice Girls-throwback platform sneakers may not be your typical bridalwear, when else does a person toss a bouquet back over their head to a gathered crowd? Clearly, this scene is meant to be read as matrimonial.

Or, maybe Gaga just hates flowers. NONETHELESS! We can't help but wonder who she might be symbolically marrying. At first we though: "Duh! 'Marry The Night'!" But when reached for comment, the night explained that they are but a social construct we humans have created to explain a natural phenomenon. So... nope.

Could it be Lady Gaga's boyfriend, Taylor Kinney? Nah, we DEFINITELY would've gotten an invite for such a high-profile union, and our mailbox is covered in cobwebs. Our search continues. #Delusional

Lady Gaga tossed the bouquet, and may or may not have married... something.

Eureka! We think we've figured it out.

Wait, we think we've found our answer. Here's the "Do What U Want" singer on Tuesday night outside her New York hotel in what one might say is the color-coordinated bridesmaid's dress to her bridal catsuit. (C'mon, for Mother Monster at least, this is definitely conservative.)

Now, we're thinking that Gaga has thrown herself a one-woman wedding! The bride? Gaga! The groom? Gaga! The officiator? Reverend Gaga! Just as sure as rocket No. 9 takes off to the planet "Venus" (it does, trust us), so too can Lady Gaga play every part in a marriage ceremony. Brava!

Photo credit: Splash News, Getty Images

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