Rihanna Celebrates Her 26th Birthday With A Blunt And A Steamy Hot Tub Photo Sesh


We'd kill to see what Rihanna gave her b-day guests as party favors.

Ohhhh, Rihanna's latest Instagram photos from her birthday celebrations in Aspen totally explain why she was M.I.A. at that birthday party we threw for her. She didn't have her phone on her! You don't want to get your iPhone wet when you're soaking in a hot tub, plus it's super hard to type when you're wearing a ski glove.

We totally forgive RiRi, because it's hard living that #AspenLyfe. We're also not holding that blunt the "Can't Remember To Forget You" singer's holding against her because, um... hello???? Aspen? Colorado? It's legal!

Anyway, Rihanna's b'day looks a lot different than the surprise bash we had planned for her, but whatevs -- it still looks fun. She sipped champagne, blew out candles, and chilled in a hot tub while (probs) blowing puffs of smoke in the air that spelled "IDGAF" in cloud form. Whatever. Our party was still fun without her. We're over it. (BRB, weeping.)

There is one thing that we just can't get over: Rihanna gets naked nearly everywhere else, but she wears a swimsuit to bathe in a private hot tub? WHAAAAAAA?!

Photo credit: Rihanna's Instagram