Natalia Kills' NSFW 'Trouble' Video Is The Very Definition Of Trouble

Watch Natalia Kills' "Trouble" video. Kids, don't try this at home.

If anyone knows anything about "Trouble," it's definitely Miss Natalia Kills.

To kick off the new year, the brooding pop diva has chosen the fantastic title track off of her equally fantastic, underrated sophomore studio album, Trouble, as her latest single, which obviously means we're treated to a new music video, too.

And oh, what a video it is.

True to the title, the clip is basically one big Parental Advisory warning in motion. Seriously, prepare for all sorts of debauchery, from drug use and sex to dive-bar fistfights and casual at-home arson. (Just another Saturday night!) It's basically like a Quentin Tarantino flick -- all that's missing is a vengeful, sword-wielding Uma Thurman.

What's even more insane about the "Trouble" video is that, much like Natalia's autobiographical video for "Saturday Night," it's all based on a series of true-life events. Yes, even up to that fiery ending. A fair warning to all the boys vying for Natalia's black heart: She will DEFINITELY try to burn the house down if you get too out of line.

Hey, don't say she didn't try to warn you...

+ Watch Natalia Kills' "Trouble" video.

Photo credit: Cherrytree Records