Lorde's Gothic Snow Queen Photo ALMOST Makes Us Wish For More Winter

Lorde's goth snow queen photo from Stockholm ALMOST makes us wish for more winter.Overcast air, don't care! Lorde melts our hearts with her frosty goth glam.

We make no attempt to hide our Lorde worship. We also cannot hide our displeasure at this awful Polar Vortex that's STILL heaping its wrath on our skin, hair, and souls while completely ignoring SOME people... (Yeah, we're looking at you, Rihanna, and your "brutal" L.A. winter. #TeamEczema)

So, our disdain almost melted into puddles of joy when we saw the "Team" singer's Instagram photo, captioned: "i love stockholm !!! i love snow !!!" Guess she had to cool down after burning up the BRIT Awards stage, not to mention that after-party DJ booth.

No red cheeks? Jealous. Deadpan Daria Morgendorffer expression that says: "Snow? Is this what you call snow?" Noted. Ferosh black coat and dark lipstick (as opposed to our puffy, Missy Elliott in "The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)"-esque coat and a tube of Blistex)? BRB, bowing down.

While this harsh weather continues to bear down on us, we'll be over here pinning this picture to our "DIE WINTER DIE" Pinterest board over and over and over again. #SorryNotSorry in advance to our followers!

Photo credit: Lorde's Instagram