Adele’s Wax Figure Is A Little Creepy, Unlike The Real Adele

Rollin’ in the Uncanny Valley! Creepy, right?

Though she’s not afraid to call you out with an 11-track, best-selling album if you done did her wrong, Adele seems pleasant as a peach IRL. That’s why the British neo-soul singer’s wax figure at Madame Tussauds is kinda jarring. It’s just so… creepy.

I mean, look at the hand detailing! The model is SO lifelike and human (much like BeyoncĂ©’s wax figure), and yet… IDK, it has a certain “Je ne sais UNCANNY VALLEY” about it.

And that stare! Like, this Adele didn’t hear that you settled down, because she was HIDING IN YOUR CLOSET WATCHING THROUGH THE SLATS THE WHOLE TIME OMG DUCK.

“And I wish nothing but MURRRRRDER for you.”

Oh wait, we think we realized why we’re so fear-stricken around Faux-dele. With that perfectly coiffed blonde hair and little black dress, she kinda looks like Jessica Lange’s character, Fiona Goode, on “American Horror Story: Coven” — aka the biggest H.B.I.C. who ever H.B.I.C.’d. (Tied with Angela Bassett, duh.)

Surprise, bitch. We bet you thought you’d seen the last of her. OK, NOW MAKE IT STOP.

Photo credit: Getty Images / GIF: Rebloggy

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