10 Most Bewitching Moments In Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’ Video — In GIFs!

In case that teaser video last week didn’t make it clear, Katy Perry’s new video for “Dark Horse” featuring Juicy J is, like, the ultimate Ancient Egyptian fantasy #covermoment. Clearly, a certain pop diva lives for Elizabeth Taylor’s 147-hour “Cleopatra” masterpiece from 1963. (Five bucks says that bejeweled grill’s made of white diamonds.)

In the Mathew Cullen-directed clip, the pop princess plays Katy-patra, Queen of Memphis, sitting atop her throne as suitor after suitor waltzes up to impress her. Unsurprisingly, none among them can handle her truthz — though we’ll gladly take Jiff the Pomeranian and that wheelbarrow full of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and/or Takis off her hands if she’s not feeling ’em.

Given how explosively colorful and insanely detail-oriented the video is, we thought we’d just let the “Dark Horse” visuals do the talking. Enjoy the GIFs!

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Photo credit: Capitol / GIFs: MTV