The Vamps Sang A Song About Pizza To Pizza, And Literally Nothing Else Matters (Except For Pizza)

The Vamps came to MTV today (look 'em up, memorize those faces because you'll soon be hearing "Wild Heart" on a loop in your waking hours and dreams and seeing them everywhere you go because HELLO, LOOK AT THOSE ANGELIC FACES, PERFECT CHEEKBONES, DID I MENTION THEIR PANTS). And as if that utter privilege alone weren't enough, they brought pizza. The combination of the two wellsprings of joy and perfection make me believe in reincarnation and that I must've lived a #blessed, saintly life in a past life (kind of like when The Captain and Maria realize they love each other and sing "Something Good" in "The Sound Of Music," but without the war, puritanical sexual apprehension, and none of the nuns or those pesky singing children in curtain clothing), because I ATE PIZZA WITH THE VAMPS! THE VAMPS! AND PIZZA? It's like the apotheosis of faves on faves.

Oh, and did I mention they also serenaded me with a song about pizza? Well, TBH, they serenaded the pizza, but I wanted you to experience this priceless moment with me, so I got it all on camera, as we say in "the biz" of "show."

Not since Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's pizza party sleepover got chopped and screwed has there been such an important song about pizza.

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