Beyonce's Wax Figure Doesn't Look All That Happy To Be In This Fan's Selfie

US--ENTERTAINMENT-MUSIC-WAXDon't tell this girl that's not Beyoncé! She looks so happy! 

Beyoncé? Is that you? How could you give the stink eye to an excited fan trying to take a selfie with you? We thought you LIVED for your BeyHive. We're about to lose our religion!

Maybe the "Drunk In Love" singer and Brit Awards stunner is simply traumatized by that OTHER kind of fan that nearly snatched her hair, and she's trying to suppress some kind of sense-memory panic?

Wait a sec. Driver, roll down the partition plz. We need a closer look.

Oh, phew. It's just Beyonce's wax figure at Madame Tussauds in New York City. FALSE ALARM. Carry on as you were. She's still the Queen of Bey-nevolence.

Photo credit: Getty Images

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