This Photo Of Katy Perry, Ellie Goulding, Lorde + Angel Haze Celebrity DJ-ing A BRITs After-Party Is EVERYTHING

Universal Brits' After Party At Soho House Pop-UpCue the epic diva dance party!

So, what did you do last night? Oh, you weren't at Universal Music's 2014 BRIT Awards after-party where Angel Haze, Ellie Goulding, Katy Perry, and Lorde gathered around the DJ booth like true BFFs to drop some BPMs like NBD?! SAWW-REEE.

OK, well... Neither were we. (#SIGH) We'd like to pretend we were, though, because ALL THE PAINFUL FEELS OF MISSING THIS EPIC DANCE PARTY are killing us!

Just look at all the fun these leading pop ladies are having together! Also, did we miss the memo on matching black-and-gold outfits or are these gals forming a color-coordinated, celebrity-DJ witch coven? #Plausible

Speaking of fun, Lorde is CLEARLY not over getting told to throw her hands up in the air. It's cool, BB. Some occasions demand you go against that lyric in "Team," like, say, nailing your BRITs performance with Disclosure and AlunaGeorge. Or, um, just being in da club in general.

Universal Brits' After Party At Soho House Pop-UpOh, to be a fly on that club wall right now...

We're pretty sure this secretive photo of Ellie, Lorde, and Katy chatting screams: "We should totes collabo and take over the planet, ladies!" Or, maybe they're just trying to decide which greasy pizza joint to hit up after the party because priorities, duh.

Photo credit: Getty Images