Beyonce's Private Jet Looks Nicer Than Most People's Homes

Beyonce's private jet, in this photo, looks nicer than most homes.

Was Beyoncé trying to remind us how poorly decorated our home is?

Surprised to learn that Beyoncé takes private jets to get to and from gigs? PUH-LEEZ, like Bey even has time to deal with other passengers trying to shove their oversize carry-on bags into her overhead space on some discount commercial flight filled with basics. LOLOLOLOLOLOL.


Mostly, we're just in awe of her ride's decor -- it's safe to assume that ish ain't from IKEA. It's also a sure bet that her plane is bigger than your average NYC studio apartment. (Maybe even some actual houses?)

Judging by the glittery blue gown the "Drunk In Love" singer's rocking, she must've been fresh off her 2014 Brit Awards performance on Wednesday night, where she blew the audience away with a romantic and emotional rendition of "XO." Our souls? Sorry, they all melted into little puddles of love. (Watch your step!)

WAIT, they should totally spin off "MTV Cribs" into a series that focuses on rich pop stars' private jets. (We're looking at you, Rihanna, and you, Austin Mahone.) They could call it: "MTV Crabins." Get it? Cribs plus airplane cabins?

Whatevs. You know you'd watch.

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Photo credit: Beyoncé's Instagram