Austin Mahone Teases A Very 'Greased Lightning'-Esque Photo From The 'MMM Yeah' Video Set

Austin Mahone and Pitbull look super "Greased Lightning" in this photo from the set of the "MMM Yeah" video.Austin and Pitbull, just two leather daddies burnin' up the quarter mile.

By the looks of this Instagram photo, Mahomies, it looks like Austin Mahone's "MMM Yeah" video will feature not only Pitbull, but what might be a new haircut (#RIPShag) and a whole lot of "Greased Lightning" steeze!

"#MMMYEAH VIDEO ON THE WAY!!! THANKS TO @pitbull FOR COMING OUT!!! #DALÉ," the "Banga Banga" singer captioned. Whether or not these two brosephs go full-on "Grease" with the clip, our training in Mahomie tea-leaf reading tells us that all this leathaaah and hair gel means something...

Could it be that Austin is the Danny Zuko to Pitbull's Kenickie? I mean, if not literally, at least spiritually???? #TellMeAboutIt #Stud

The throwback angle would be a good fit. Remember Austin's groovy '70s disco look in the "MMM Yeah" lyric video? There's just no telling what look he'll pull off next. '60s hippie? '30s gangster? Flock Of Seagulls '80s hair? Place your bets now!

Photo credit: Austin Mahone's Instagram

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