Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift + Their Cats Belong Together, Or We Don’t Know Matchmaking!

We hope Ed’s cat Graham will join us in our mission to set his owner up with Taylor Swift.

Look, it is SO CLEARLY OBVIOUS that Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift are destined to be more than just friends.

Exhibit A: Their lingering stares at the 2014 Grammys made them one of the night’s cutest couples. Exhibit B: They both love impromptu sing-alongs to The Knife’s “Heartbeats.” Exhibit C (for cute): They both Instagram the buh-jeezy outta their cats. What more proof do you need?

The recent birthday boy shared an adorable photo of his cat, Graham, on Instagram just days after the “All Too Well” singer showed off her cat, Meredith’s, amazing feat of feline wizardry.

Embedded from instagram.com.