Harry Styles, Stop Teasing Us With Your 'Naked' Photo!

Harry Styles of One Direction posted a "naked" photo on Instagram!This teasing has got to stop, Harry Styles!

We've never been shy about our feelings for One Direction's Harry Styles. So, when we stumbled across an Instagram photo of the 20-year-old singer this morning with the caption, "Harry's currently naked and getting ready for the#BRITs2014," we immediately got 50 shades of verklempt and spat coffee all over our phone's screen. #WorthIt

Now that we've had time to, uh, cool down, we have two things to say to the "Midnight Memories" crooner: 1.) Mazel tov on actually winning a Brit Award, and 2.) This photo? NOT COOL. You can't just say you're naked in the caption and not follow through with the goods. Would it kill you to at least give us some shoulder? Even an ab or two?

We're just looking out for your reputation. You don't want to be known as a selfish withholder of naked photos deceiver. Still, we're not ingrates. We do appreciate your sensitive, twinkling eyes and that perfect coif peeping over that flannel shirt, which is probably covering your taut, smooth torso...

Harry Styles of One Direction posted a "naked" photo on Instagram!

Shoot, we can't stay mad. All is forgiven.

Photo credit: One Direction's Instagram / GIF: WiffleGif