Did Rihanna Come To The Surprise Birthday Party We Threw Her? Watch To Find Out!

Watch this video to see if Rihanna accepted MTV's surprise birthday party invite!

Will you hang out with us, Rih? Circle one: Y / N / M

There are SO many things we could've done to celebrate Rihanna's 26th birthday: visually manifest good things for her in the coming year, listen to "Birthday Cake" 17-bajillion times on repeat, Photoshop ourselves into her pre-b'day apres ski party photos on Instagram, etc. (Done, done, and done. Obviously.)

But, why reach for the stars when you could camp outside those stars' hotels for the chance to meet them face-to-face and scream: "YAAAS, STARS, YAAAS! U LOOK SO GOOD!"

That's why, after 12 seconds of careful deliberation, we (as in "me,") decided to send the "Can't Remember To Forget You" singer a DM inviting her to hit up a surprise birthday party we planned for her, complete with cake (cake cake cake cake cake cake cake), streamers, and some super high-#fashun, custom-made Rihanna t-shirts. It was really our only course of action, guise.

Did Rih accept? Decline? Send an amiable slow loris in her stead? Watch this video to find out!

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Photo credit: MTV

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