It’s Rihanna’s 26th Birthday! To Celebrate, Here Are Her 26 Most Rih-Vealing Photos

Give it up for @bdaygalriri!

Feeling refreshed, like you could take on the world? You know, doing or saying or having anything your heart desires today? Like, that cake over there. You want that cake? (Cake cake cake cake cake cake cake.) Well, TOO BAD. Today is Rihanna’s 26th birthday, so NO CAKE FOR YOU. Birthday girls, only.

So, what exactly does the “Can’t Remember To Forget You” singer have to celebrate on this special day? You’re really asking this right now? You’re really asking this right now.

Why, how about the fact that last year alone, she’s had a string of chart-topping hits like “Stay” and “The Monster” and totally sweeped awards season, nabbing a Grammy, four Billboard Awards, two American Music Awards — including the AMAs’ first-ever Icon Award — and more.

Perhaps most powerfully, Billboard named Rihanna the top artist of the 2010s, a decade that still has, like… a bunch more years to go! (#math) So, Rih? Kick your feet up, and relax as we, your loyal fans, stare at the 26 sexiest, sultriest, and, above all, most beautifully Rih-vealing photos of you EVER. Navy? We salute.

In the beginning (i.e., 2005), Rihanna played it sexy yet safe, Rih-vealing herself in ways most crop top-y.

Over time, Rihanna slowly Rih-vealed her #dark side, culminating in one powerfully twisted “Disturbia” performance at the 2008 VMAs.

But with darkness, came the light, and all was Rih-vealed at the 2011 Grammys. Well, most of it.

Remember Rihanna’s big diamond Rih-veal at the 2013 VMAs? That dental gem probably costs more than your house. Bye!


+ Watch MTV’s “Rihanna Birthday Party” video!

Photo credit: Getty Images / GIF: Mashable, Destiny’s Rehab

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