Angelique Sabrina Serves Tropical Island Realness In Her 'I'm Ready' Video

 Watch Angelique Sabrina's new video for "I'm Ready."

Warm up with Angelique Sabrina's tropical-friendly music video for "I'm Ready."

If you were hoping that in Angelique Sabrina's music video for "I'm Ready," the budding Bahamian pop star was going to whip out some sexy dance moves while standing atop glaciers in a fashionable parka, you may be disappointed with the actual, tropically steamy clip. (You also may want to brush up on your geography to learn where, you know, the Bahamas are.)

Much like the sixteen-year-old singer-songwriter's "Pull Up," Angelique's island roots are out in force in her latest clip, and we couldn't be happier. Can anyone really even have too many views of palm trees, beaches, beautiful ladies in swimsuits, and NO SIGHT OF THE POLAR VORTEX ANYWHERE in their lives? The answer: NOPE.

Plot-wise, the video focuses on a sweet couple's love affair. But mostly, we can't stop obsessing over the legit Aaliyah in "Rock The Boat"-meets-baby Janet Jackson in "Love Will Never Do Without You" realness she's conjuring. #FlashbackFierce

So basically, Angelique's video takes us on a nostalgic, tropical vacay free of charge, and you don't even have to wait FOREVER to get through airport security to enjoy it.

+ Watch Angelique Sabrina's "I'm Ready" video.

Photo credit: White Ocean Entertainment