We're Hella Jealous Of Nicole Richie's Britney Shirt... Oh, And Her Britney Hug, Too!

Britney Spears/Nicole Richie

Britney Spears' latest celebu-Stan was none other than Nicole Richie.

You just never know what kind of surprises will pop up at Britney Spears' "Piece Of Me" residency in Las Vegas. First, there was Miley Cyrus, who Stanned her li'l heart out from the front row. Then, Lady Gaga dropped by for an impromptu pop-diva BBQ. Now, Nicole Richie has gotten pulled onstage during Brit's set -- not to mention a free t-shirt!

GAH! We KNEW our idea of buying tickets to every single one of the "Work Bitch" singer's performances wasn't a bad idea. We should've NEVER listened to our personal finance consultant. (Hi, mom!)

But, the "Simple Life" star didn't JUST receive a free item of clothing emblazoned with the Princess of Pop's face on it while surrounded by a bunch of men in lacy, see-through tights. Nicole also got... A HUG FROM BRITNEY!!!!

Britney Spears/Nicole Richie 2

We want a bear-ney hug, too!

We repeat: The endlessly choreograph-able arms of Britney Spears were wrapped around Nicole Richie's body. Ummm, forget the freaking t-shirt! How can we try on that moment?!?!

Photo credit: Nicole Richie's Instagram