NEEDTOBREATHE's 'State I'm In' Brings The Pumped-Up Folk You Need Today

Listen to NEEDTOBREATHE's new song, "State I'm In."

NEEDTOBREATHE have the track for you, whatever state you're in today.

As much as we live for our flawless divas and moody synth-pop around here, sometimes a little thunderous folk-rock really hits the spot. Enter NEEDTOBREATHE, whose new track, "State I'm In," will easily part the clouds on this depressingly gray day.

(Not cloudy where you are? We don't wanna hear about it. We will turn this blog post a-round.)

Ahem. The South Carolina natives have managed to infuse the contemporary, chest-thumping rock stylings of Imagine Dragons with the old-school, down-home goodness of a group like Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Not only that, but the 2014 Hangout Fest performers have wrapped it all up in an ethereal, woodsy, Bon Iver haze.

Lyrically, "State I'm In" is far from the barn-raiser you'd expect, delving into some masculine neuroses: "Though I feel I'm just as strong as any man I know/ I'm not able/ I’m not able/ I’m not able/ On my own." See that? Real men aren't afraid to ask for help. #TheMoreYouKnow

Last but not least, our inner goth kid would be remiss if we didn't mention how the drum beat unexpectedly calls to mind "The Beautiful People." We wonder what what other surprises await on NTB's fifth studio album, Rivers In The Wasteland, which drops Apr. 15...

+ Listen to NEEDTOBREATHE's "State I'm In."

Photo credit: Atlantic Recording Corporation