Christina Aguilera Got Engaged, And Here’s The Legendtina Legend-Gagement Playlist To Help You Process

Let there be matrimony, Fighters!

Hey there, everybody. How was your Valentine’s Day last Friday? Did ya do anything fun? Romantic? Solo but amazing? Well, we had the most lovely time, going out to dinner at our favorite little French bistro named —

Oh, OMG! That’s right. Christina Aguilera got ENGAGED (!!!!) to boyfriend Matt Rutler on Feb. 14, thus rendering all of our individual Valentine’s Day action officially irrelevant. So, shut up about your respective red hot loves, and let’s discuss the real issue at hand: THAT ROCK.

47-bajillion carats? “What A Girl Wants,” indeed.

Now, we know that Legendtina’s Legend-gagement must be a LOT to take in all at once. Those emotions? Those feels? Not enough fluttering microphone fingers in the WORLD to calm ’em down. That’s why we’ve curated the ultimate feels-friendly playlist to help you avoid causing a fanatical F.U.S.S.

1.) First off, congrats, Xtina! We trust that there “Ain’t No Other Man” who can treat you better.

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