YAAAS, Guy Wearing A ‘YAAAS GAGA’ Shirt Next To Lady Gaga! You Look So Good!

Wait, that’s the guy who started “YAAAS GAGA”?!?!?! Meta.

Guys, isn’t this photo of Lady Gaga in full-body fishnet posing next to a fan, like, a nugget of sweetness we should all cherish forever?! The two werqued their poses in New York City, where Gaga was on hand to film a cameo on Monday night’s premiere episode of the “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

Wait, sorry. Did we refer to that guy in the picture as just “a fan”? LOLOLOLOLOL. Actually, he’s Johnny Versayce, the originator of that whole “YAAAS, GAGA! YOU LOOK SO GOOD!” meme phenomenon, which basically means that we all need to #bowdown before this picture and #PRAISE, as none of us are worthy.

Just think: Someday, you’ll tell your children that you were alive when this momentous occasion took place… or the cats you adopt in the future and refer to as “my children.”


In case you have no idea what we’re talking about (#DoYouEvenGoHere), watch Johnny’s already-iconic Instagram video that started this whole thing.

+ Watch Johnny Versayce’s “YAAAS GAGA” video.

Embedded from instagram.com.