You'll Never Guess What AMAZING Trick Taylor Swift's Cat Can Do

Watch Taylor Swift's cat, Meredith, pull off an amazing trick!

Sorry, basketball players. Taylor Swift's cat Meredith is way more entertaining than you.

Look, no one ever accused us of being sports nuts. If we had to choose between watching a bunch of tall dudes in oversize nylon shorts dribble balls and seeing an adorable cat do tricks, THERE WOULD BE NO CHOICE.

But, we realize that people like Taylor Swift are torn. The "All Too Well" singer shared an Instagram video of her cat, Meredith, interrupting a basketball game to show off an AMAZING trick. "Meredith, move your ears. #NBAAllStars #CatTricks #MVP," Ms. Swift captioned, proving who the REAL star was last night during the NBA All-Star game. (Mer, DUH.)

Meredith is literally the cutest thing we've seen since the, uh, last time she was cute. With all due respect to the entire sport of professional basketball, you just cannot compete with feline ear tricks. #SorryNotSorry

+ Watch Taylor Swift's cat do an amazing trick.

Photo: Taylor Swift's Instagram

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