Happy Belated President’s Day! Here’s Miley Cyrus You-Know-What-Ing A Guy In A Bill Clinton Mask

Miley took ’90s nostalgia to the neeeeeeext level.

While we were all off TV binging on the new season of “House Of Cards” and regular-binging on ALL THE FOOD this past President’s Day weekend, Miley Cyrus was in Vancouver for the opening night of her “Bangerz Tour.” But even in far-off, exotic Canada, this patriot still managed to honor her country during the “Party In The U.S.A.” encore with a little help from a guy in a Bill Clinton mask.


Now, wait a second — don’t jump to conclusions! We KNOW what this photo looks like, but c’mon! Miley did not necessarily simulate sexual relations with that man.

For all we know, the “Adore You” singer was simply tying Mr. Faux 42’s shoelace, or perhaps she was sewing a dangerously loose button. What if Miley was just trying to peek from under the mask’s neckline to see if she recognized her counterfeit commander-in-chief?

Whatever the case, let’s all take a moment to stare at this pic, and be thankful he didn’t Monica Lewinsky all on her gown that true patriots like her still exist. #SingleTear #FallingFromABaldEaglesEye

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Photo credit: Getty Images, Splash News

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