Someone’s Been Raiding Grandma’s Closet! Miley Cyrus Transforms From Bubba To Bubbe

Has Miley gone from wild child to golden girl?

We almost didn’t notice the return of Miley Cyrus’ fake “Bubba” teeth here, because we were so taken by her “President of the Boca Raton Mall Walkers Association” getup. It’s Bubba meets Bubbe. L’chaim, sweetie!

The “Miley Cyrus: Unplugged” star tweeted the photo — in classic Sophia Petrillo purse repose — adding an “SMS (Bangerz)” reference: “That shizzzz got up in my brainnnnnnn. Had me a lil but dizzzzmoooooo #bangerztour,” followed by a string of tongue, heart, lip, and diamond Emojis. #PictureIt

We hope this means that Miley’s introducing mall walking-inspired themes to her “Bangerz Tour,” because it’s WAY less strenuous than riding a giant hot dog. (That’s a kosher frank, right Miley?)

The only thing that could have made her new look more authentic? Two words: fanny pack. So excuse us, we’re off to book a flight to Florida to raid our Bubbe’s closet be a more supportive grandchild.

Photo: @MileyCyrus | GIF: The Golden Girls’ Tumblr