Beyonce And Jay Z Continue Their ***Flawless Love Crusade -- On Scooters!

Beyonce and Jay Z continue their ***flawless love crusade -- on scooters! See the photo.

Meep meep! Beyoncé and Jay Z's eternal love is trying to GET BY.

Just when you thought that Beyoncé and Jay Z's love couldn't get more perfect, the pair have a fun little scooter date in the Dominican Republic. THIS IS WHAT REAL LOVE LOOKS LIKE. Always on scooters.

This photo from the "XO" singer's Tumblr should definitely inspire Hallmark to make a "Drunk In Love"  greeting card collection so we can celebrate all of life's momentous occasions with images of Bey and Jay. Just our two cents!

Anyway, it's not really news that Blue Ivy's parents are "Crazy In Love," but it's just SOOOOOOO cute to see Jay taking a pic of Bey on her scooter like it's their very first date together! Six years of marriage, who? Oh, you kids!

Honestly, the only thing that would have made this photo even more romantic would be if they were riding a scooter made for two, sharing a plate of spaghetti, and accidentally snagging the same noodle all "Lady and the Tramp"-style with the Eiffel Tower in the background as glittery fireworks explode in the night sky.

WAIT! We should totally add that image to add to our pop-music Valentines collection! BRB.

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