Just Try To Prepare For Charlotte Sometimes' Vocals On 'Losing Sleep' Featuring Coley O'Toole

Listen to Charlotte Sometimes' new song, "Losing Sleep" featuring Coley O'Toole of We The Kings.Insomnia has never sounded better.

Here's the thing: We've been truly, madly, deeply in love with Charlotte Sometimes since approximately forever.

Way back in '08 (was Twitter even a thing then?), the singer-songwriter dropped her debut album, Waves And The Both Of Us, a certifiably amazing, underrated collection of sing/scream-along, power-pop ditties.

And then, a little thing happened called "The Voice." (Heard of it?) After delivering an audition that caused all four judges to flip their chairs around, Charlotte was mentored by Blake Shelton before being rudely ousted from the show during the Top-24 live battles. Totes lame.

Since then, Charlotte's been dropping a bunch of independent EPs, including The Wait and Circus Head, all leading up to this moment: The By Request EP, a collection of live acoustic tracks recorded in one day (!) in NYC.

Out Mar. 4, the EP includes a new tune called "Magic," a cover of Foster The People's "Pumped Up Kicks," and two fan faves from Charlotte's back catalog: "Paint The Sky" and "Losing Sleep."

"Losing Sleep" is one of the very best songs off of Charlotte's debut, and it sounds no less fantastic in its unplugged form today. Seriously, we defy you to get those melodic runs out of your head ("Try-uh-AY-uh-AY-uhn!") for the next 24-48 hours. And, prepare for those wailing pipes toward the very end -- she just about blows out the speakers (in the very best way possible).

As an added bonus, the acoustic take includes a surprise feature: Coley O'Toole of We The Kings, who supplies the perfect harmonization to that aching chorus.

Listen and love/sob 4ever.

+ Listen to Charlotte Sometimes' "Losing Sleep" featuring Coley O'Toole.

Photo credit: Effective Immediately PR