Watch Austin Mahone's MTV Valentine's Special NOW!

Tweet #AskAustin questions, and watch Austin Mahone go "Live From MTV" this Valentine's Day.

Always wanted to #AskAustin? Now's your chance!

+ UPDATE: The show is now over, so watch Austin Mahone’s "Live From MTV" Valentine's Day Special here.

Still looking for a Valentine today, Mahomies? Ummm, how about Austin Mahone! (And no, we don't mean that cardboard cutout with the mouth all but kissed off. This time.) Hit up today at 4 p.m. ET to catch the "MMM Yeah" singer's 30-minute "Live From MTV" Valentine's Day special!

In the meantime, tweet all of your must-know fan questions at @MTVBuzzworthy with the hashtag #AskAustin, and Austin may end up answering 'em during the livestream! Ever wanted to know how he wakes up with such perfect bedhead? What his fave "Anchorman" quote is? If he will go to prom with you? Now's your chance!

Also, have you ever dreamed of picking up the phone to hear Austin on the other end? Tweet @MTVBuzzworthy with #AustinMaPhone, and you could be on the receiving end of a phone call from Austin himself live on today's livestream! (Please don't tweet your phone number! We'll contact you via DM!)

Still need more to do? Listen to Austin's just-dropped, Valentine's-ready track, "U." Not only does our boy flex his falsetto and rapping muscles like never before, he casually drops the fact that he's got a "one-bedroom apartment." So, uh... bye, parents!

+ Tweet @MTVBuzzworthy your #AskAustin questions, watch Austin Mahone's "Live From MTV" Valentine's Day special teaser video, and listen to Austin Mahone's "U."

Photo credit: MTV