Iggy Azalea Hides Behind A MASSIVE Cotton Candy Pile, AKA Our Dream Valentine

20b67cfe94e811e395071278ba1dfd3f_8 We see you, Iggy.

We've always Stanned HARD for 2014 Woodie nominee Iggy Azalea, not least because she shares our love of cake, cake, and also MORE cake. But, the "Fancy" rapper found a new way to expand our hearts and stomachs by sharing this photo on Instagram of her hiding behind a ginormous bale of cotton candy.

So many questions: How did Iggy come upon this mound of edible, wispy wonders? Why isn't she covered in diamonds? Can we have several bites of this cotton candy? HOW SOON AFTER WE FINISH SHOULD WE BE TESTED FOR DIABETES?!

Iggy shared in the caption: "At least this makes things a little better…" Turns out she was worried her flight home for Valentine's Day was gonna be delayed. But, look! She made it to her boyf, L.A. Laker Nick Young, safe and sound.

So, uh... Since you're all coupled up tonight, Iggy, is it cool if we eat our single feelings finish off that insane ball of pink sugar for you? Thanks.

Photo credit: Iggy Azalea's Instagram

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