Katy Perry, aka QUEEN OF MEMPHIS, And Her INSANELY Bejeweled Grill Tease The 'Dark Horse' Video

Watch Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" teaser video.

As you may well remember, Katy Perry shared her newfound affinity for grills on the 2013 VMA red carpet last summer. But, in the new teaser for her Cleopatra-themed "Dark Horse" video featuring Juicy J, Katy -- aka QUEEN OF MEMPHIS -- seems to have really outdone herself on the oral bling, and the whole thing obviously called for a GIF.


Like, is that even a grill? It looks more like that scene in "A Christmas Story" where that kid sticks his tongue to the frozen flagpole, and, after he's finally thawed off, his mouth is, like, BURSTING with bandages, gauze, and ice chunks. So, like that, except with precious gemstones and #glamour.

Guess it goes without saying that Katy kinda just raised the bar for her pop peers with this deconstructed, opulent-as-phoque mouthpiece. Watch out, Madonna's grill game at the Grammy Awards! Katy Perry's comin' atcha like a dark horse.

+ Watch Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" teaser video.

Photo credit: Capitol / GIF: MTV; StrangeCosmos