Taylor Momsen And The Pretty Reckless Are Going To Straight To Hell In The 'Heaven Knows' Video

Watch The Pretty Reckless' new video for "Heaven Knows."

Join Taylor Momsen down below in The Pretty Reckless' new clip.

Sorry, we were planning on writing about The Pretty Reckless' new "Heaven Knows" video earlier this morning, but it's taken a couple of hours to fully come back down to earth after watching it.

One moment in particular, around the 2:10 mark, has made a lasting impression on our brains: It's where frontwoman Taylor Momsen (erstwhile "Gossip Girl" star and current rock stunner) gives us a sneak peak at the black arrow body paint that she's wearing on the cover of the band's upcoming Going To Hell album (out Mar. 18). 0_0

Shocking, lurid antics are sort of the point of the "Heaven Knows," so we're not being entirely gutter-brained. The song continues where the album's last single, "Going To Hell," left off, with Momsen once again considering spiritual matters of sin, redemption, the afterlife, and all of the attendant rock-and-roll tropes that come with the territory.

In the Jon J and Momsen-co-directed clip, she's enlisted a group of innocent children and some not-so-innocent-looking adults to illustrate drug use and eternal damnation and play out the concept of how a culture becomes brainwashed by sex and violence.

"Everything is thrown at you from the day you're born," Momsen says of the track's inspiration. "Your only chance is to think for yourself, which is not as simple as it sounds."

Simple, no, but Momsen does seem to have focused on doing exactly that. Considering the titles of the songs on the album -- "Burn," "Follow Me Down," "Absolution," "Blame Me," and "F***ed Up Friend" -- the journey to hell appears to be something she's spent a lot of time pondering. And hey, it might be kinda fun to go along for the ride.

+ Watch The Pretty Reckless' "Heaven Knows" video.

Photo credit: Razor & Tie