Kim Kardashian & A Glowing Ciara Shop For Baby Stuff Like The Radiant Maternal Goddesses They Clearly Are

Check out this photo of Ciara and Kim Kardashian shopping for baby things at L.A.'s Bel Bambini.

Kim and Ciara win the hot mommy game for life!

It's funny. If we saw this photo of Ciara and Kim Kardashian shopping a few years ago, we would have assumed they would have been in the market for ANYTHING other than baby stuff! But, time changes everything -- we're all growing up so fast! *eats second bowl of Lucky Charms for lunch*

We're not saying that the "Overdose" singer and the future Mrs. Kanye West didn't also chit-chat about other crucial things while shopping at noted L.A. baby store, Bel Bambini -- like, say, how to get Beyoncé to be your child's godmother. #PROJECTING

All baby talk aside, let's get to the real focus of this photo: Ciara's pregnant glow. Here she is, using up all this energy to make a human being and counting down the months until she'll be changing diapers, and she STILL looks calm as hell and foine as fuuuuh.

Guh. When we become parents, we know it's basically gonna be slippers and panic attacks in public for the rest of our lives. Can't wait!

Photo credit: WENN

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