Haim's Karaoke Cover Of 'Hazy Shade Of Winter' Feels Pretty Perfect Right Now


Haim on the cover of V Magazine's 2014 March Music issue, as a visual reference to illustrate the point that you are not Haim.

The sky is a sad, sick, hazy shade of winter here in Times Square today. It's the stuff of angry Greek gods and those Uniqlo Magik-Heet™ insulating tech shirts (or whatever... I made that up) I'm wearing to survive. No one remembers what the sun looks like or if we ever even saw it or if it's even real. (In case you haven't checked your Facebook feed in five minutes, it's snowing.) All we know is snow. (Even Rihanna's over it, TBH.) Which is why Haim's killer karaoke cover of the Simon And Garfunkel classic, "Hazy Shade Of Winter," which leans more Mamas and Papas than Bangles (no shade though), is giving us at least a modicum of life. It's an oldie from Nowness, shot by Tabitha Denholm, and posted back in December 2012, because only on the Internet, when #tbt can be something that happened last Thursday, is "basically a year ago" considered old.

Haim! They're just like us. Except WAY better at karaoke. And on the cover of the 2014 March Music issues of V Magazine. And nominated for a 2014 Brit Award. And everything else that we're not. Oh well. At least it's not snowing... Oh, wait...

+ Watch Haim's karaoke cover of "Hazy Shade Of Winter," and because it just feels right, and because she's on an alternate cover of V, and because she's also the best, watch Haim and Lorde perform Sheryl Crow's "Strong Enough" at VH1's "You Oughta Know" concert in New York City.

Photo credit: Inez and Vinoodh/ V Magazine