Watch Asher Monroe + Chris Brown Croon Their Way Through The 'Memory' Video's Laser Rave

Watch Asher Monroe's "Memory" video featuring Chris Brown.

Wake up to Asher Monroe's "Memory" featuring Chris Brown.

Surprise, surprise! While you were off sleeping LIKE A FOOL, Asher Monroe and Chris Brown were raving the night away with a couple of sexy ladies in Asher's "Memory" video. It's OK, we all make mistakes. But still, learn from this.

Directed by Chris himself (aka "Breezy"), the foggy, laser-filled visuals pair perfectly with the track's pumped-up energy. It's got all the building excitement of the Black Eyed Peas' "I Gotta Feeling" liberated to a higher plane of partying à la Chris' own "Beautiful People." In other words: IT'S. A. JAM.

Asher Monroe's "Memory" featuring Chris Brown is available now on iTunes, as well as in the raver aetherstream -- or so the legend goes.

+ Watch Asher Monroe's "Memory" video featuring Chris Brown.

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Photo credit: D Empire Entertainment