Watch Asher Monroe + Chris Brown Croon Their Way Through The ‘Memory’ Video’s Laser Rave

Wake up to Asher Monroe’s “Memory” featuring Chris Brown.

Surprise, surprise! While you were off sleeping LIKE A FOOL, Asher Monroe and Chris Brown were raving the night away with a couple of sexy ladies in Asher’s “Memory” video. It’s OK, we all make mistakes. But still, learn from this.

Directed by Chris himself (aka “Breezy”), the foggy, laser-filled visuals pair perfectly with the track’s pumped-up energy. It’s got all the building excitement of the Black Eyed Peas’I Gotta Feeling” liberated to a higher plane of partying à la Chris’ own “Beautiful People.” In other words: IT’S. A. JAM.

Asher Monroe’s “Memory” featuring Chris Brown is available now on iTunes, as well as in the raver aetherstream — or so the legend goes.

+ Watch Asher Monroe’s “Memory” video featuring Chris Brown.

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Photo credit: D Empire Entertainment