These Drake Valentines Are Perfect For A Slightly Sad, Extremely Emotional Valentine's Day


Drake Valentines: the perfect way to say "I love you," but also, "I think I'm addicted to naked pictures."

Got a guy who's big on Coogi sweaters, tank tops and owls but short on self-censorship? Big on navel-gazing, emoting, Moscato and general metaphysical malaise? A loveable, huggable Jewish Canadian rapper who was once wheelchair-bound but now answers to Champagne Papi and keeps company with the occasional stripper and/or model chick? Someone who's got everything but no one "real" to celebrate it with? Someone with real regrets? Someone who still makes time to call his bubbe?

Are you dating Drake?

Do you wish you were dating Drake?

Are you Drake?

Well then do we have just the Valentines for you! Our very own, very rare Drake Valentines. And don't forget to lean in close to your screen -- they smell like Tom Ford Tuscan Leather.





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Credit: Getty Images/ MTV