Before You Exit's 'Soldier' Video Is The Valentine's Ballad You Need This Week

Watch Before You Exit's video for "Soldier."Before You Exit's "Soldier" video is here to rescue our your heart.

So, remember when we told you how obsessed we are with Before You Exit? Well, now that the Orlando-based McDonough brothers (OHAI, Riley, Connor, and Toby!) have released their new video for "Soldier," our obsession has been elevated to full-blown stalking mania.

(So what? We all cope with being single on Valentine's Day in our own way... )

The premise of the clip's pretty simple: A fellow BYE Stan is going through some hard times (#MascaraTears), and she writes the band a fan letter. Luckily, the guys are there to sing some hope back into her heart: "The world is like a battlefield, but I'll be here to fight/ When you need a shoulder, I'll be your soldier."

NGL, watching these boys' express their heartfelt desire to be our warrior boyfs is giving us some majorly appreciated flashbacks to Destiny's Child's "Soldier."

Watch Before You Exit's video for "Soldier."

Where they at, where they at? Oh, right here.

+ Watch Before You Exit's "Soldier" video.

Photo credit: Before You Exit | GIF: Wrong In All The Right Ways on Tumblr