What To Expect From Lady Gaga’s ‘Real Housewives’ Music Video — In GIFs!

This reported collaboration has emotionally fulfilled us. KNOW THAT.

When we first heard that Lady Gaga had reportedly filmed her next music video with the cast of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” we were a little… confused?

But then, we remembered that the “Applause” singer IS a huge fan, something she shared during her “What What Happens! Live” appearance last fall.

Plus, who better to re-launch Gaga’s ARTPOP promo following the mysterious demise of the “Do What U Want” video than these glamorous, outrageous, no-holds-barred ladies?

Just sit back, and IMAGINE what we’re in for here, Little Monsters.

(Imagination brought to you by our good friend T. Kyle MacMahon of Reality TV GIFs.)

The unbridled, subversive sexuality Lady Gaga’s known for!

That avant-garde costuming that keeps us on our toes!

And, this being Mother Monster, don’t expect anything too safe.

Who knows, maybe even the housewives themselves got to contribute to Gaga’s creative vision!

All in all, we’re pretty sure that this forthcoming clip will truly emotionally fulfill us. #SorryNotSorry, Allison Dubois!

KNOW THAT. And now, we play the waiting game. Hope Gaga turns this one out soon!

Photo credit: Getty Images / GIFs: Our good friend T. Kyle MacMahon of Reality TV GIFs, Junkee

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