Video Premiere: My Body Sings Electric Walk Backwards Through Denver In 'New Friends'

1052880_10151654434997052_94777908_o-1 My Body Sings Electric move backward in their video that ruminates on friends n' stuff.

It's been a pretty touchy time to be making new friends. First, Drake insisted that he doesn't need them on "No New Friends," not to mention A Loss For Words' "No Pioneer." Now, My Body Sings Electric are the latest to weigh in on the idea in "New Friends."

The song, from the band's brand-new Part 1: The Night Ends album, finds the Denver indie-punk five-piece bemoaning the loss of a loved one to his new clique. It's a buoyant singalong and lighthearted video that's a lot more fun than the subject matter implies.

"'New Friends' over any other song on the record embodies the heavy consciously-youthful theme of the record," bassist Jason Bower explained. "It’s a self-reflective song written in the third person about lead singer, Brandon Whalen. He says it’s a song that portrays how his friends and family think of him. It’s part self-loathing, part personification in the third person."

For the video's concept, the band wanted to cut to the chase of how much fun they have as friends. "We wanted a very simple and creative format with a DIY feel to it that expresses our personality and our fun nature," Bower said. "A lot of our favorite videos that we admire have a certain creative simplicity to them, so we decided that the best way to express the overall message of 'New Friends' was to do something really easy, makeshift, and fun with just a few friends in a very short amount of time."

The video was filmed over the course of a day and a night at the house where the band practices in Denver. The idea was to film it all in one shot, but it expanded beyond that in the course of filming.

"After a day of singing, walking backwards, running, and driving like a crazy person, we came out with the 'New Friends' video; a look into our goofy lives in Denver as musicians," Bower added.

Aw, see? New friends aren't so bad after all.

+ Watch My Body Sings Electric's "New Friends" video:

Photo credit: My Body Sings Electric