Watch Miley Cyrus' Adorable Chicken 'N' Biscuits Commercial From Before 'Hannah Montana'

Watch Miley Cyrus star in her first breakout role in a Banquet Homestyle Bakes commercial!It's little Miley, enjoying the sh** out of some creamy chicken and biscuits! Now we want some!

Smilers, have y'all considered opening an online investigative service for Finding Necessary Miley Treasures™? Because when Miley Cyrus tweeted the call to find her "breakout roll in the Banquet Homestyle Baked Bean commercial," you found it right quick so that Miley could share it on Instagram.

The "Miley Cyrus: Unplugged" star's talent is apparent right away. We totally believe that Miley is loving those chicken and biscuits, and we are overcome with the urge to BUY ALL THE BANQUET HOMESTYLE BAKES EVER ASAP!!!!

Because we're clearly dedicated scholars of Miley's artistic canon, we did some sleuthing, too. Brace yourself: It turns out the Banquet Foods' commercial wasn't actually the "Adore You" crooner's breakout role! #LawAndOrderChungChung

(Also, nice "roll" pun -- we know Miley meant "role," but since the ad also stars some incredibly delicious-looking biscuits, we think it might've been intentional.)

After consulting our copy of Miley Cyrus: A Biography, we can confirm that the 21-year-old singer's FIRST gig was on "Doc," a TV show starring her daddy Billy Ray Cyrus. The commercial came AFTER. #DaTroof

Either way, how awwwww-dorable was Miley as a kid? It's kindaaa hard to imagine that she'd one day turn into the hot dog-ridin' mistress of twerk she is today, but... Wait, did someone just mention hot dogs? Mmmmmmmm.


Watch Miley Cyrus star in her first breakout role in a Banquet Homestyle Bakes commercial!

+ Watch Miley Cyrus' Banquet Homestyle Bakes commercial.

Photo credit: Banquet Foods via Miley Cyrus' Instagram / GIF: GIF Lulz

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