We Must've Missed Our Invite To Demi Lovato + Lucy Hale's 'Neon Lights Tour' Hug Circle

Demi Lovato and Lucy Hale held a hug-fest backstage at the "Neon Lights Tour," and posted the photo on Instagram.Um, Lucy and Demi? Did you not send us our invitation to join the hug-train?

Seriously, Demi Lovato has, like, a million famous friends. (We know because we cyberstalk her meticulously keep track.) Like, if she's not hosting an impromptu celebu-BFF-fest with Lucy Hale like she is in this Instagram photo, she's grabbing dinner with Selena Gomez or FaceTiming with Selena and Taylor Swift.

(All the while, Demi still hasn't once asked us for our unconditional love and friendship, WHICH WE WOULD TOTALLY OFFER HER IN A HEARTBEAT... Any day now, right?)

Anyway, this time Demi shared an embrace with the "Pretty Little Liars" star/"You Sound Good To Me" singer backstage at a "Neon Lights Tour" stop. You better believe that we're beside ourselves with envy, not the LEAST because we know these two would have a balls-out time making Grindr "bloop" noises and watching Lohanthony videos together.

WE WANT IN IS ALL WE'RE SAYING, DEMI. GRAGHHHHH!!!! #NeverMeantToStartAWar #JustWantedYouToLetUsIn

Photo credit: Demi Lovato's Instagram