7 Reasons You Need To Start Obsessing Over The Vamps, Like, NOW

The Vamps are comin’ for you, WORLD.

After teasing their loyal army of fans all day on Tuesday with “THE BIGGEST ANNOUNCEMENT EVERRR,” The Vamps have finally spilled the beans: they’re headlining their very own “Vamps Tour” this fall in the U.K.!!!!


HUGE NEWS, right? Well, wait a sec. If you’re not from The Vamps’ native U.K., you may not be super familiar with the pop-rock four-piece. So, how about we pull a super-mega-reverse Paula Abdul — that’s no steps forward, a million steps back — and get you up to speed on all things Vamps-y.

Why? Um, because chances are you’ll be seeing a whole helluva lot more of these guys — that’s James McVey on lead guitar, Connor Ball on bass, Tristan Evans on drums, Bradley Simpson on lead vocals, and ALL OF THEM on perfect coifs and roguish smiles. Not convinced? Pffft, OK.

1.) Their tunes are catchy as hell!

Take The Vamps’ debut single, “Can We Dance,” for example. It’s got earworm hooks, oh-oh-oh-oh backing vocals that demand you sing along, ridiculously smooth harmonies, an unexpected but appreciated horn section, and an unresolved, singsong-y quality to its melody structure. (Think The Cardigans.)

Oh, and how the hell are you gonna give a track that opens with “I talk a lotta sh** when I’m drinking, baby” the cold shoulder?

+ Watch The Vamps’ “Can We Dance” video.

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