Throw Out The Pamprin, Ladies! TacocaT's 'Crimson Wave' Video Is Your New Period Remedy

Watch TacocaT's new video for "Crimson Wave."Even the crabs in TacocaT's new video are ridin' the "Crimson Wave." Everyone's doing it!

Ladies, we've all had those moments during that time of the month when you want to shout: "Menopause, take me NOW." Well, the Seattleites of TacocaT feel our pain, but they don't just want us to sit around and wallow in the biological unfairness of menarche! They want us to ride the "Crimson Wave!" C'mon, hop on and watch! Everybody's doin' it.

The video is an ode to coping with the red menace, set to punky drums with an old-school, '60s-surfer chorus. If you ever wondered what would happen if The Breeders recorded a song for an episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants" directed by John Waters, then HERE IS YOUR ANSWER.

It's kitschy subversion at its best: dancing crabs, a giant stuffed Zach Morris phone, American flags, white wine, Vicodin -- basically, TacocaT is throwing a kiki for your period. Musical Pamprin for your menses-addled spirit!

Even if it's not your time of the month or you're a member of the other half not blessed with a uterus, sit back, relax, and ride the crimson wave.

+ Watch TacocaT's "Crimson Wave" video.

Photo credit: Hardly Art