Lucas Grabeel Gets Grown And Sexy In His New '135n8' Video

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This. This. This. This. This. This.Lucas Grabeel of "High School Musical," "Switched At Birth," and "Poster Watching Over Your Bed In Middle School" fame has just dropped a video for "135n8," his first single since 2007's "You Got It." How is it? In a word: HAWT. In two words? HAWT AND CONFUSING. Let's dive in.

With its sparse, synth instrumental and smooth vocals, the track brings to mind a dance floor-ready take on Miguel or maybe a little bit of early Justin Timberlake. (BB JT? YES, PLZ.) But the Kelly L. King video, however, plunges Lucas into a never-ending dreamscape and raises more questions than it answers. For example:

+ Why did your teeth fall out? That's not how teeth work.

+ Why is that lady writhing down your torso, Lucas?


+ Where is your collection of Ryan Evans #IceCreamPaintJob fedoras? ON THE EBAY?

To quote the great scholar those old-school Tootsie Pop commercials with that smug li'l owl who thinks he's SOOOOOO cool: "The world may never know." What we do know is that here's Lucas Grabeel getting his grown-man sexy on, so enough with the questions. Enjoy.

+ Watch Lucas Grabeel's "135n8" video.

Photo credit: Lucas Grabeel