Lucas Grabeel Gets Grown And Sexy In His New '135n8' Video

Watch Lucas Grabeel's ("High School Musical," "Switched At Birth") new video for "135n8."

This. This. This. This. This. This.

Lucas Grabeel of "High School Musical," "Switched At Birth," and "Poster Watching Over Your Bed In Middle School" fame has just dropped a video for "135n8," his first single since 2007's "You Got It." How is it? In a word: HAWT. In two words? HAWT AND CONFUSING. Let's dive in.

With its sparse, synth instrumental and smooth vocals, the track brings to mind a dance floor-ready take on Miguel or maybe a little bit of early Justin Timberlake. (BB JT? YES, PLZ.) But the Kelly L. King video, however, plunges Lucas into a never-ending dreamscape and raises more questions than it answers. For example:

+ Why did your teeth fall out? That's not how teeth work.

+ Why is that lady writhing down your torso, Lucas?


+ Where is your collection of Ryan Evans #IceCreamPaintJob fedoras? ON THE EBAY?

To quote the great scholar those old-school Tootsie Pop commercials with that smug li'l owl who thinks he's SOOOOOO cool: "The world may never know." What we do know is that here's Lucas Grabeel getting his grown-man sexy on, so enough with the questions. Enjoy.

+ Watch Lucas Grabeel's "135n8" video.

Photo credit: Lucas Grabeel