Delusion Of The Day: Jared Leto Is Totally Making Us Pancakes For Breakfast In Bed

Jared Leto

Jared Leto opens his own IHOP -- that's International House of PERFECTBOYFRIENDZ.

ARGH! We're so embarrassed that these videos of Jared Leto making us pancakes for one very romantic breakfast in bed have leaked, but that's just a risk we have to take dating the super-sexy Thirty Seconds To Mars frontman.

OK. Fine. We admit it! His recent Instagram breakfast videos may have had nothing to do with us, but #InAnotherLife they totally could have. Right? Right?? Please, just let us have this one freaking delusion! #WEEPS #EATSTEARS

Anyway, not only do the two short clips allow us to go on an imaginary journey into a delicious Jared Leto slumber party, they also prove that there isn't a single thing on this planet that Jared can't do.

Seriously, let's break the "Do Or Die" singer's talents down: The man can rock out, act, graciously accept coveted awards, AND ALSO FLIP PANCAKES IN A PAN LIKE AN EFFING BAWSE. (Oh, and don't even get us started on his beautiful whisking technique!)

Now excuse us as we get back to our delusional daydream where, after Jared feeds us his homemade pancakes, we go shopping for new furniture for our vacation home in Bora Bora. What? So?! It's our imagination. LEAVE US ALONE!

+ Watch Jared Leto flip pancakes like a bawse and take his pancake batter-whisking technique to the next level.

Photo credit: Jared Leto's Instagram

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