Katy Perry Not At All Subtly Grabs Anna Kendrick's Boob... Again

Katy Perry/ Anna Kendrick

Geez, Katy, buy her a drink first!

You know how when you're SO excited to see your BFF that you, in the heat of the moment, reach out to grab her and accidentally give her a friendly ta-ta honk instead? No?

Well, then you clearly don't have the level of intimacy that Katy Perry and Anna Kendrick have. The "Pitch Perfect 2" star tweeted a photo of the pair (OF BESTIES, not that pair) attending Hollywood Stands Up To Cancer back in January.

Actually, the boob grab may not have been accidental -- this isn't the first time Katy has caressed the "Cups" singer's, um, chi-chi cups. Remember when the "Dark Horse" singer frisked her at the 2014 Grammy Awards?! (Actually, we believe the term Anna used was "fingerbanged my cleavage," so, you know, there's that image for ya.)

Anyway, we really admire how Kendrick's not mad about the experience one bit and was even sympathetic, adding: "The girl can't help it."

However, we don't think Anna would be as sympathetic if, say, WE bumped into her on the street and tried the same thing. Hellllllllloooooooo, there are boundaries... Unless Katy Perry's your pal.

Photo credit: @AnnaKendrick47