Nicki Minaj Totally Channels Britney, Beyonce, Madonna + The Spice Girls On An #Iconic Desert Shoot

Somebody wants a Maserat-eh!

When we saw those photos of Nicki Minaj working her natural hair in a tight high ponytail à la Leiomy Mizrahi backstage at some shoot, we were just be-SOYD ourselves. So, you can imagine how duh-duh-duh-DEAD we were upon witnessing these glamorous Instagram photos taken from the desert set itself.

While Nicki’s playing coy about what this shoot with Grizz Lee was for — she’s not exactly shutting down her fans’ “OMG THIS NEW ERA SLAYS” tweets — we’re not bothered. As the brilliant “GIRLS IN DESERTS” Tumblr has pointed out MANY times, something magical happens when you plop your pop faves into a dry, dusty landscape.

Like, remember when Britney Spears doused the world with Mojave Desert Fantasy in the “Work Bitch” video? Hmmm, maybe Nicki’s shooting some Minajesty promo… (BRB, believing in our queendom.)

Or, what about when Beyoncé made a pair of hyenas #bowdown to her glory in “Run The World (Girls)“? Oh, the ***flawless possibilities!

#BeyInspired, indeed.

What if Nicki’s sky-high stilettos are actually fully weaponized, and she’s practicing her sleeper-cell fatalities like the Spice Girls in “Say You’ll Be There?”

Any fool can see we loves this.

Semi-related: Whaddya think Nicki’s Spice Girls name would be? Did It On ’Em Spice? Shidded On ’Em Spice? Pink Spice? Boss Ass Spice? Dance ($pice)? Gahhhhh.

And of course, who could forget the moody moves practiced by Nicki’s “Give Me All Your Luvin’” collaborator, Madonna, in her video for “Frozen.”

All this luvin’? Gimme.

Was Nicki finding her inner “Ray Of Light” in all that dry heat? Who cares! All’s we know is that our hearts are open, our bodies are ready, and we NEED to see what this shoot turned out to be. Like, NOW.

+ Need more ladies in barren landscapes to satisfy your pop faves fix? Duh. Check out the flawless “GIRLS IN DESERTS” Tumblr.

Photo credit: Nicki Minaj’s Instagram, RCA Records, Columbia Records, Virgin Records Ltd., Warner Bros. Records