Dear Lorde, Thank You For Sharing Your Zit Cream Selfie And Reaffirming The Fact That You're The Absolute Best

Lorde, thank you for your zit cream celebrity realness in this Instagram selfie photo.Pop stars: They ARE just like us, and it f***ing matters.

You know, we love to praise celebs like Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift for their perfect hair-whipping and airport flawlessness. But every now and then, we have to stop and thank them when they show that they are, in fact, actual human beings who get zits sometimes. So, Lorde: We humbly offer you ALL our shine.

The "Team" singer shared a photo on Instagram rocking her topical pimple cream, captioning: "in bed in paris with my acne cream on."

Yaaasssss! Claps for the Grammy winner's (literal) realness and total lack of vanity. MORE ZIT CREAM SELFIES, PLZ. (BTW, what do you use? Benzoyl peroxide? We'd know that ointment anywhere. Be careful, BB, it can bleach your shirt!)

She followed up her selfie with a quote from Lena Dunham's recent "Vogue" interview, about how fans want "real" moments from their celebrities, but not actually real moments. Well, Lena, Lorde hears you LOUD AND CLEAR! Er, loud and Clean & Clear, rather.

Photo credit: Lorde's Instagram

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