Sorry, World! Adam Lambert And Chris Colfer Took All The Glam, And Now There's None Left

Adam Lambert and Chris Colfer of "Glee" look super glam in this photo, naturally.

Adam and his "Glee" costar are too much perfection for our eyes to handle.

SIREN NOISE! Adam Lambert and Chris Colfer took all the glam in the world, and now there's none left -- at least if this photo on Adam's Instagram is anything to go on. It's all gone. Stop looking. Sawwwry.

JK! Not that we'd actually be too mad if that were true. I mean, look at the "Wildest Moments" singer and his "Glee" costar up there! It's basically like we have two Adams now. #twofer

While we've still got another few weeks to go until "Glee" returns on Feb. 25, it's so cute to see our boys chilling together on set. Wait, do you think they could be shooting their rumored duet of A Great Big World's "Rockstar" for episode 14? We bow before our Lambert shrine in prayer.

Either way, there's probably going to be more photos of these two coming at us in the near future. We may need to hire someone to build a new wing for our Glambert shrine that will be completely devoted to Chris and Adam's BFF beauty. (Not joking at all. Anybody know a good architect? Thx.)

Photo credit: @adamlambert