Kevin Jonas’ Baby Chilling Out To The Sound Of Rain Is Your New Happy Place

Alena Rose chills to the sound of the rain, and it’s the calmest, cutest thing ever.

Feeling stressed right now? We have just the thing to realign your chakras and put you in a state of vinyasa. (Er, we might not have that right?) Watch this video that Kevin Jonas posted of his newborn daughter, Alena Rose, straight kickin’ it with a pacifier and tiny mittens. CUE THE REACTION GIFS!

In the clip, we hear the sound of rain pattering outside, which makes us wonder if baby meditation is, like, a “thing” or not. Seriously, how calm and serene is this newborn? We thought babies cried a lot, but Alena seems like one chill infant. (Maybe she takes after her mom? Danielle always seems pretty zen!)

We know we’re not experts, but we may or may not have just invented a new relaxation technique. Let’s call it the “Chi SQUEE.” Chi SQUEE is simple: Watch videos of cute babies being calm, breathe, hyperventilate from all the cuteness, and repeat. Namaste, BBs!

+ Watch Kevin Jonas’ daughter, Alena Rose Jonas, chilling to the sound of rain.

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